YU Observer

Finding My Roots: A Female in Journalism

Habitat for Humanity: A Diary

Anxiety Is Not My Modus Operandi

Being Unorthodox in an Orthodox World

An Ode to the IDF Veterans at Yeshiva University

Real Talk: Body Image, Beauty & Hollywood

The Movie Musical With a Country Twang: A Review of Country Crush

Real Talk: My Obsession with Reality Television

Thank You, Donald Trump, For My Feminist Ideology

The Jewish Intern at the Fashion Magazine

In Transit: The Show With the Rhythm of New York City

Busted: Not the Band I Remember, But Better

Leading The Fantasticks: A Profile with Cast Members Madison Claire Parks and Andrew Polec

Real Talk: From Anxiety to Art

“I’ll Be Right Here”: The Inner Workings of a College Play

New York City: The City That Never Stops Filming

BUILDing a New Platform


You’re the One That I Want: A Review of Grease: Live

Stitches of Laughter: A Review of The Pirates of Penzance

Summer Internship, Potential Career?

The Endeavors of Youth in Theater

From She’s the Man to If/Then – a Star’s Road to Broadway

A Late Night With Seth Meyers

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